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You gritted your teeth as the door slammed behind you. Your arms were bound tightly behind you, a familiar male roughly holding you by the collar of your overcoat, and your __ eyes dead-set on the blonde man at the desk in front of you. You knew you were in hot water, but it didn’t stop you from seething.

It was World War II, and you were a member of the growing resistance to the Nazi regime. For the past two years, you had been on the run from the Schutzstaffel. Your form of rebellion was publishing pamphlets, which encouraged citizens to combat the ideology being forced upon them. Unfortunately your freedom-fighting had you hopping from village to village, until you were caught in Berlin, and landed you here, in a high-ranking official’s office.

Of course, it just had to be Ludwig’s. You had known him since childhood, as you had lived in the same town, and attended the same school. Ludwig was your single and most important rival, yet he always ended up winning in the end. He always somehow managed to outwit you, and even now, 5 years after graduation, this proved true. However, you hadn’t seen him since you went off to college in Oxford while he joined the military.

His looks had changed drastically, but the severity of his personality hadn’t changed a bit. His crystal blue eyes were as sharp as ever, and gleamed in smug satisfaction as he calmly observed your struggling form.

“Let me go, you bastard,” you shouted as you kicked at your captor. Gilbert, Ludwig’s brother and your childhood bully, was the one restraining you. The albino smirked at your relatively weak resistance, and lifted you off the ground a few inches. You shrieked as the seams of your coat dug into your armpits. As you deliberately silenced yourself, Gilbert set you on your feet and pushed you closer to the desk in front of you.

Ludwig sat behind it, glaring at you as if demanding an answer to an unasked question. “_____, I will ask you one time, and one time only, before resorting to drastic measures. Where are your associates located, and to what extent is their knowledge of our military plans?”

You would rather die than resort to exposing your affiliates - as a matter of fact, you were the leader of the organization - so you refused to answer. Anticipating a violent reaction from the general, you instead were met with silence. You glanced up, only to see an absent chair in front of you. Suddenly you were yanked from your position, a rag hastily thrown across your eyes, and dragged to an unknown location.

You felt yourself being thrown over someone’s shoulder, and from their jerky motions, you could tell that they were walking at a fast pace. You took this time to plot your escape, racking your brain for answers but finding none. You could outright lie, but Ludwig would not let you go without verifying that the information you gave was true. You could try to sneak out at some point, but there would be a high risk of being caught, and severe consequences. The only option you could think of was to coerce Ludwig into letting you go by appealing to his sympathies, and then explaining to him that your organization had little effect, so you and your allies were not worthy of penalty. Despite these ideas, you were doubtful of any chance of escape. Yet you had a creeping feeling that Ludwig’s intents were not to stop the rebellion, rather, you.

Finally, after what felt like an hour, you were practically thrown onto a chair. Your hands were cuffed behind you, looped around the chair, and your ankles were tied tightly together. You felt the blindfold being lifted, and the dim room surrounding you slowly came into focus. You were seated at a black table, with Ludwig sitting across from you and a singular lamp illuminating the room. Fear welled up in your stomach, causing you to feel nauseous. The blonde general looked incredibly intimidating behind the desk, his hands crossed in front of him and his posture leaning imposingly toward you.

Shaking, you were determined to at the very least state the cause for your crimes. “What you’re doing is wrong. You’re killing innocent people, Ludwig, how hard is that to see? All I’m doing is defending innocent civilians; besides, I really don’t hold any power-” you were shut up by a slap on the face from Gilbert, who had been standing behind you the entire time.

“_____, why were you running from us in the first place?” Ludwig asked, eager to properly start the interrogation. He sadistically expected to make you repeat your crimes as he beat the hope out of you. To his surprise, his question was met with silence. Cue another slap to your face.

“Gah!” Was your only response. Your bangs had fallen in your face, and you glared up at your captor through the spread pieces of hair.

A slew of questions were asked after this, but you refused to answer any of them, resulting in your prominent cheekbones being painted in blue and purple bruises. At some point, when you could no longer see straight, you fainted. The last thing you could remember was being pulled from the chair, limbs still bound.

While unconscious, you dreamt of your childhood; a simpler time. You were fourteen years old, and sitting in class with your group of friends. The other girls were giggling as you sat red-faced, because they just revealed your enormous crush on your classmate, Ludwig. He sat across the room, unaware, scolding a chestnut-haired boy. Even though he was so competitive with you, you saw past his cold exterior. Inside he was responsible, caring, hardworking, and entirely husband material.

When you came to, you blinked a few times to assure yourself that you were seeing clearly. It was afternoon, and you were lying in a bed of clean, white linen. The sun hung low in the sky, shining through the sheer curtains that fluttered by the open window. The only sound was the wind and the birds chirping outside. An incredible calm washed over your body as you realized that you were no longer tied up. It immediately retracted as you realized that you were completely nude underneath the sheets. You shot up and looked around, and found that you were completely alone. Patting your face gently, you found that it was quite swollen. More confused than anything, you decided to get out of bed.

There was a large mirror by the door, and you stared at your body in it. Your narrow shoulders, wider hips, large bust, muscular legs, and strong arms were an unnatural pale color, with patchy bruises spotting your body. Strangely, you found yourself to be clean, and your __ hair tangle free. You were running a hand through it when the door opened.

Ludwig stepped into the room, and a cold gust caused you to shiver. He glared at you with narrowed eyes, and he edged toward you. You tools steps backward, trying to keep a distance from him, but before long you tripped and fell onto your back, bouncing lightly off the bed.

Ludwig clambered on top of you, pinning your arms down. You began to hyperventilate, your chest heaving beneath his. You heard a click as he closed the handcuffs you didn't notice earlier around your hands, binding them to the headboard.

He hopped of the bed, facing the dresser opposite it. He began undressing, and you were too shocked to make a sound. First off was his cap, which he laid on top of the desk. Next was his coat, his tie, then his button-up shirt and under shirt. He yanked his belt from its loops hastily, tossing it carelessly across the room. Eventually Ludwig had stripped to his boxers, leaving you to pervertedly ogle at his lithe figure.

Even though you had been captured, and this was somewhat against your will, you somehow still found yourself enjoying the experience. Having been previously romantically interested in Ludwig, this was, in a way, getting what you had always wanted. It also didn't help that you had a slight bondage kink.

Ludwig crept on the the bed slowly, inching his way up your body. Turned on in a peered way, your heartbeat quickened. He moved his face close to yours, gazing endlessly into your __ crystalline eyes. Suddenly his lips were on yours. It felt surprisingly natural, the warm softness of his mouth contrasting greatly with its harsh movements. He thrust his tongue into your mouth, rubbing it pleasantly against yours. He pulled away from your mouth, trailing slightly wet kisses down your jawbone, to your neck.

There, he began stroking your neck with his tongue, and you whimpered slightly. Slowly he worked in his teeth, and sucked on the spot, and you moaned audibly. Ludwig halted on the spot before continuing, lust glazing over his expression. Wrapping his lips around a new spot, you knew it would leave a mark. He moved down further now, cupping your breasts with his bare hands. Massaging them gently, he moved his face down to your breast. He swirled his tongue around your nipple, flicking it occasionally, and repeated on the other side. You tried not to let Ludwig know, but your uncontrollable moans told him that you were quite enjoying the experience.

The blonde sat upright for a moment, running his hands down your sides to appreciate the curvature of your hips. He dug a thumb inward, causing you to squirm and him to chuckle. Ludwig leaned back down to kiss you once more as he probed a finger near your opening. It was practically dripping wet by now, and he easily slid one finger in. You gasped, and he pulled away.

“Where is Guildenstern?” He asked. You looked up at him, cheeks flushed.

“I...ah!...I don't know.”

“I believe you do,” he whispered, sliding another finger inside. He began to stroke in a beckoning motion, eliciting a string of moans from your mouth.

“Ah!...f-fine…” You paused again, only for Ludwig’s hand to stop. “He's in Littenberg.” He continued.

“And Rosencrantz?” He repeated the same process over and over again, until he reached your closest associate, Edelstein.

“I-I can't.” Ludwig sighed, withdrawing his hand just before you were about to come, secretly excited to break out his secret weapon. He moved his hips toward your face. He uncuffed your wrists, and brought one of your hands over the center of his boxers. You blushed deeply as you felt the hard appendage beneath the thin fabric.

“Take them off with your teeth.” Meekly doing as told, you nibbled along the waistband of Ludwig’s boxers, slowly but surely tugging them off. When they were gone, you gasped at the view of his cock. It was a solid eight inches, and being petite, you had no clue where you were going to fit that. Yet your body told you you could take it, and continued to wet your downstairs.

Ludwig positioned himself over you, noting that you did not resist his advance. Slowly, both of your bodies writhing in anticipation, he edged his cock inside of you. You felt yourself stretch to accommodate him, and your eyes rolled back in your head slightly.

Immediately after your body had engulfed his length, he began smoothly moving in and out, almost painfully slow. You mewled, and you could feel the shudder run down Ludwig’s spine. He gradually began to pick up the pace, and before long he was roughly pounding himself into you. His chest pressed against yours, you could feel the heat radiating off his body as a slight sweat started to accumulate from his efforts.

Still inside you, Ludwig brought his face to yours, but headed toward your ear. He nibbled lightly, but as this was your weak spot, you felt overwhelmed by your senses. An immense upwelling of pleasure erupted in your lower half, and your body was ready to climax. But, just as you dug your nails into ludwig’s back and moaned loudly, he quickly pulled out.  

Disappointed, you looked at him curiously. Unknown to you, it was nearly painful for him to tear his body away from yours. Your bedroom eyes smoldered, your scent was irresistible, and your body was beyond desirable.

Looking you in the eyes, he asked “where is Edelstein?”

Not willing to give in yet, you looked at him angrily, but remained silent. He positioned himself so that the tip of his cock teased your opening, and you nearly screamed.

“Did he leave the country?”

“N-no.” Your voice shook with anticipation. Without warning, Ludwig shoved his entire length inside of you, but kept still.

“Is he in the Capitol?” He asked sadistically, enjoying your twisted expression of fear and pleasure. When you didn't answer, he cupped your breast and flicked your nipple. Unable to take it, you nodded yes.

Not yet satisfied, Ludwig roughly grabbed your ribs, and flipped you onto your front. His body was pressed flush against your back, and his hands travelled to your chest to squeeze your breasts. Simultaneously, he entered you again, and began to move at an agonizingly slow pace.

“Is he staying with one of your associates?”

“Yes.” He quickened his pace slightly. You grasped the sheets tightly.

“Is he with Guildenstein?”

“Yes.” Faster.

His pace eventually got so fast that you could not stop yourself from moaning loudly. In a split second, you felt a wave of pleasure overwhelm your senses, and liquid pouring into your belly. It was such an incredible sensation that you felt faint, but held onto consciousness. As you came back to reality, you felt strangely calm. Ludwig was still panting, but rolled off of you. He pulled you into his arms, and you could feel the slight sheen of sweat on his body.

In a daze, you pondered the fact that you had literally just made love to your sworn enemy. Yet, you didn’t regret it one bit. You breathed deeply, washing a deep relaxation into your body. Unsure of what to do next, you fell asleep under the now starry sky, held close in the arms of the enemy.
Arms of The Enemy [Germany x Reader] LEMON
Account under new ownership, still going by Mika.    

Don't think I'm a creep for writing this lol. Don't read if you don't like lemons, sexual themes, or non-vanilla stuff. 


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Okay, this much is obvious: I have a serious issue with completing things-namely fanfiction. For this I truly apologize. I hate it when I'm reading something great and there is no ending, no closure. I'm not sure of the root of this problem, but I think it's that I don't prioritize my hobbies. I know I've said I'm going to change, but from now on I'm only going to post once I've finished a series, or write one shots.


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Hello. I am Souls.

As you can probably tell from my page, I am a fan of many animes:
Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)
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And probably more that I'm forgetting.

I also enjoy science fiction and fantasyn novels, along with a wide array of films, including as The Great Gatsby, Les Miserables, and Hugo.

In addition, I have visited Canada, Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, and most of the mainland United States. my mother is an english teacher, so naturally, I'm a grammar Nazi.

My hobbies include dancing (classical ballet, pointe, tap, and jazz), but I enjoy ballet most for its use of classical music, one of my favorite genres. I also play piano, and won a pageant at one point in my life.

I am an extremely busy person, so most of my 'free' time during the school year is spent cleaning, or drawing. I have never made less than an A, and plan never to do so.

I have a general hate for those around me-my friends ought to feel honored that I can tolerate them.

Probably the anime character that I relate with most is Norway from Axis Powers Hetalia. Although he much quieter than I am, we are alike in the way that I do not say all that I am thinking. Oftentimes people grow confused by my company, as I do not show them my problems, and they are shocked to find that I'm actually irritated with something else on my mind.

To me, humanity is disgusting. I honestly don't believe that we, as a species, should be allowed to continue its existence.

On a lighter note, however:

Nigaito Shions Stamp by WhiteShadow234 NIGAITO, I CHOOSE YOU!

Stamp: Iceland fan by Janbearpig

I support kuudere by VAlZARD

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Most compatible with: Romantic Seme

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